Welcome to Picasso Laminate Flooring

Picasso Laminated Wooden flooring is produced with the best German made HOMAG machines . Our production process fully complies with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards. All our raw materials meet the E1 Standard and our abbrasion standards meet the EN 13329(european laminated flooring standard) standard. Our click system allows a glue free installation for anybody to install in their homes and offices with great ease. Picasso flooring is exported to Canada, France, USA, Italy, Turkey, Japan, South Africa and Korea.

Above everything else, Picasso Laminate Flooring believes that the customer comes first. It is with this thought foremost in our minds that we represent and install Picasso laminate floors. Laminate flooring, first invented in 1977, have become the most popular type of flooring available, not just for new housing, but also for renovations. The flooring has become popular not only because it looks good, but also because it has several major advantages over hardwood and parquet floors. Its number one advantage is that it is extremely hard wearing – indeed, it wears better than any other popular flooring type. It can also be installed over the top of almost all other floor coverings.

Picasso laminate floors are manufactured in Europe, using German Homag machinery, to the highest possible standards. They are available in a wide range of colours and are suitable for the whole house, including bathrooms and kitchen. Because they are so economical, robust and easy to maintain, they are the natural first choice for any active family home. The floors are simple to install, and with our “click in” or v-groove systems there is no need for any glue. What’s more, when properly looked-after laminate floors will both last and look new well into the future.