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Give your floors a makeover with our wide range of laminated flooring colours that will provide you with the richness of hardwood but with more durability and no maintenance. View our beautiful collection!

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Vinyl flooring can be installed anywhere in your house and is easy to clean and maintain. Whether you prefer traditional or conventional styles, we will help you find the best vinyl floor for your home.

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We provide various accessories that can add a neat and tidy finish to your laminated floors. Our finishes are designed to fit perfectly and add the important final touches your flooring needs.

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Laminated wooden flooring - Picasso Original

Picasso Original

Our Picasso Original laminate flooring is able to provide the same natural beauty of hardwood or stone flooring at a fraction of the price with quick, simple installation. Our laminate flooring is not only easy to clean and maintain but it is also durable and resistant to staining, scratching and fading.

View our Picasso Original laminate flooring collection below:

Marble White Oak
Aged Dark Oak
Country Maple
Country Teak
Oak Authentic
Old Western Oak
Sacramento Oak
Washed White Oak
White Oak

Laminated wooden flooring - V-Groove


Our V-Groove flooring is very similar to our Picasso Original laminate flooring with the exception of how the laminated boards fit together. Each laminate board has a V groove feature at each edge which is bevelled and the top and the surface is perfectly colour matched. This provides a more natural finish and the flooring still has the same durability and easy to clean and maintain qualities as the Picasso Original laminate flooring.

View our V-Groove laminate flooring collection below:

Frost Oak
Barn Oak
Beachhouse Pine
Cinnamon Plum
French Oak
Limed Oak
Midnight Pine
Nordic Ash
Oak Royale
Platinum Oak
Rustic Jatoba
Rustic Oak
Smoked Birch
Vintage Pine

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring can be installed anywhere in your house including your kitchen and bathroom as it is 100% Waterproof. Get the richness and durability of laminated wooden floors without having to worry about water spillage.

Whether you desire a traditional or contemporary style, our vinyl flooring will complement your home. View our collection below:

Baltic Oak
Distressed Oak
Nordic Ash
Pearl Oak
Rustic Hickory



T-moulding is edging that bridges the expansion area required between laminate floors to give a neat finish between rooms or between laminated flooring and another types of flooring of equal height.

End Moulding

End moulding is used to neatly finish the space where the laminate flooring ends; such as, floor-to-ceiling windows, carpets and sliding glass doors.

Quater Round

Quarter round is used as finishing around the perimeter of a room between the laminate floor and the wall. It is only needed if there is no baseboard but it can still be used together with a baseboard as an additional feature to add a clean finish.


A reducer provides a tidy transition from the laminated flooring to other flooring lower in height.


Skirting elegantly blends laminate floors with the walls. It can be used as a custom finish along any wall.

Stair Nose

A Stair nose provides a secure and tidy transition from the flooring surface while allowing the flooring system room for expansion where there is a step.