Welcome to Picasso Laminate Flooring

Picasso Laminated Wooden flooring is produced with the best German made HOMAG machines . Our production process fully complies with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards. All our raw materials meet the E1 Standard and our abbrasion standards meet the EN 13329(european laminated flooring standard) standard. Our click system allows a glue free installation for anybody to install in their homes and offices with great ease.

Picasso laminates and laminate floor installers

  • Picasso laminates come with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty against wear and fading
  • Picasso laminates resists normal day to day scratches, cigarette burns and stains
  • Picasso laminates come with full colour matching profiles
  • Picasso laminates can be fitted with great ease with its no-glue click system
  • Picasso laminates can be re-installed up to 5 times


American Walnut
Rustic Jatoba
Oregan Oak
Natural Maple
Sacremento Pine
Cinamon Plum
Frost Oak
Aged Dark Oak
Rustic Oak
Limed Oak
Smoked Birch
Barn Oak
Vintage Pine
Midnight Pine
Marble White Oak
Rustic Hickory
Nordic Ash
Country Maple
Old Western Oak
Oak Authentic
Country Teak
White Oak
Distressed Oak
Nordic Ash
Oak Royale
Smoked Birch
Washed White Oak
Platinum Oak
Pearl Oak
French Oak
VG Pecan
Beachhouse Pine