Although is certainly possible for a committed DIY buff to install laminated flooring by himself, we would always recommend that it be installed by professionals. Whereas the snags of laying such a floor are few and far between, when they do arise, a professional team is always in a better position to deal with them. This is because they are installing laminated flooring day after day, and there are few snags that they have not come up against in the past.

Laminated flooring can be installed on top of just about any other type of floor covering, including concrete, parquet flooring, wooden flooring, timber, tiles and linoleum. It is always best to have an underlay fitted between the laminate floor and the sub-floor. The type of underlay will depend on the sub-layer. Underlays are used for thermal insulation, to dampen down echoes, as a damp proof layer, and to eliminate minor irregularities in the sub-floor.

Please refer to installation instructions supplied with the flooring for more specific details on how to install Picasso flooring

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Picasso Flooring strongly recommends the use of 200mic combilay with Picasso laminates

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